Subrahmanya Swami Temple Thazhakara

The Sree Subramanya Swami Temple, Thazhakkara and the diety “Shadadhara Parathishta” of Lord Murugan has a historical presence of over 1000 years. Lord Murugan, assuming a human form representing a diety, holding a spig of paddy and Fire (Torch) showers blessings on his devotees. The Lord carrying spig of paddy is interpreted as the custodian of wealth.

The Lord is a great protector of his devotees and healer of physical and mental ailments. He protects each and every part of the body of his devotees and even the powerful Navagrahas would be passive because of his grace. He Himself is said to have told Naradan, “Those who have sought refuge in Me have no fear, they won’t be left with any needs; those who are devoted to Me have no enemies, they have no diseases…”.


The temple stands as a symbol of cultural heritage, communal harmony and prosperity of the region. It is surrounded by rich greenery. Very recently, the temple has undergone several physical and spiritual renovations. It has attained the aura of a great temple. There is massive increase in number of pilgrims. The tide of devotees on shashti days is an evidence for this. Those who are visiting this website are requested to conduct a pilgrimage to the temple and experience the grace of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy. The permanent assets of land, pond and ‘sarpa kavu’ of this temple is spread over an area of over 1.75 acres. The temple is under the administrative control of ‘Haindava Seva Samithi , a body registered under the 12th Travancore-Cochin Literary Science Charitable Act of 1955.


The Shektra Tanthri is Brahmashree Kuzhikattillathu (Tiruvalla) Akkeeraman Kalidasan Battathiripadu , who gives all advice and guidance with great devotion in temple renovation and maintenance and the Melshanti is Brahmashree Anoop Nampoothiri, Puthusseri Illom, Cherukole who maintains temple with high spirituality.

Major Festivals



The main festivals of this temple are THYPOOYAM held during the Malayalam months of Makaram and in Medam. The morning ‘KAVADY PROCESSION’ from Kunnam Sreedharmmasasta temple and the evening. ‘BHASMAKAVADI’ from Puthiyakavu Devi Temple are also some of the auspicious functions of devotees.

Ten days festival

The festival starts with PARAYEDUPPU [receiving the offerings from the devotees at their doorstep] . With the hoisting of the temple flag on the day of Karthika, the festivities take off and will last for a period of 10 days with all the traditional rituals like “Utsavabali, Pallivetta and Aarattu“. Seven days of Bhagavathaparayana (Saptahama) is also conducted during the ten days festival.

Other Important Days

Large number of devotees are observing “Shashti Vrutha” in every Malayalam month. The number is getting increased after each “shashti”. Besides the poojas conducted on Ayilyam day in the month of Thulam and CHIRAPPU in Vrischikam are also very important.


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