Sree Krishnaswamy temple

The holy and ancient Sri Krishna swami Temple is at the heart of the Mavelikara town and it faces towards the east. The main deity of this temple is the idol of Sri Krishna with both hands stretching out for butter. Centuries ago, this temple had belonged to the Idaserry Family. At the portal of the temple with architectural beauty, in the east, the temple guards made of flint are on guard duty.


A servant of the Idaserry Family, who was devoted to God once found a statue while he was clearing the land. The statue, which started bleeding as it had been struck, was brought to the Idaserry Family. As per astrological prediction, it was proved that the statue was that of Lord Krishna taking butter and that it had to be installed into a properly constructed temple. With the help from the king of Matathinkore a small temple was constructed and a temporary installation was made by Kulakkada Nampimatthham Pandaram, who was an expert in tantric rituals. For thevaram Velliyodu Potty and for kazhakam Thekkey Pisharam was appointed. The Kokkattu Family was to assist them. Adichan, who discovered the idol, got the title of Kerala Adichan and tax-free land and a house from the king. His family is known as Ooralaserry. The statue of Kerala Adichan made of jack wood and installed at Ooralaserry fills the minds of devotees with joy.

It is a historic truth that Mavelikara, which was the citadel of the Madathinkore royal family, had been a vassal of the Onattukara Kingdom. The Sri Krishna swami Temple was under the prestigious and powerful Idaserry Family of Mavelikara. The community ownership of the temple was obtained by the palace after ceding the Puthiyakavu Devi Temple to the Idaserry Family.

By accepting the request of the Mavelikara Palace the old Krishna swami was renovated into its present form. The roof of the sanctum sanctorum is cast with copper. Anecdotal, velakulam and the compound wall are the peculiar features of the temple.

In front of the small anakottil around thirty feet height is the pillar lamp made of bell metal. Four armed guards encircle the lamp. Legend has it the jubilant soldiers of Marthanda Varma the king of Venadu instituted this lamp. They were happy because Marthanda Varma made Mavelikara, the capital of Madathinkore Kingdom a part of Venadu.

To the north of the temple on east west is the banquet hall capable of accommodating a thousand people. This banquet hall was to serve the purpose of taking food and taking rest for the Brahmin scholars who used to go on foot to the Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple to take part in the ritual of Murajapam.

There was a very beautiful garden to the north of the banquet hall on the eastern side. In the past flowers from this garden were sufficient to fulfil the requirements of all the temples under the Mavelikara Devaswam. This garden was known as the Garden of God.

The vakacharthu of the Sri Guruvayur Sri Krishna swami Temple is evidently very famous. Among the temples under the Travancore Devaswam, the Sri Krishna swami Temple at Mavelikara is the only one where Vakacharthu takes place. The custom of parading Lord Krishna on Garuda Vahana is prevalent only at the temples of Aranmula and Mavelikara.

In the whole of the month of Vrischikam according to the Malayalam Calendar, in connection with the Athazha Seeveli this parading of Lord Krishna is conducted. This ritual had its origin as an offering during the reign of the king Sri Moolam Thirunal.

Years ago, the holy bath of Lord Krishna was in the Achankovil River to the north of the Michel Junction. The rock on which the Lord was offered worship after His bath is still there. Now His holy bath takes place at the Kandiyur Snanaghattam.

The other deities of the temple are Ganapathi and the Navagrahas. There are pujas performed every day. As the holy bath (Arattu) should take on the day of Thiruvonam in the Malayalam month of Meenam, the temple ten days of festival every year. The main offering during the festival is the Dasavatharacharthu. The Thrikkay Vennayootu and the Garuda Vahana Parade are the main offerings of the temple. Unnikrishnan, the elephant of this temple is one of the most splendid elephants of the Travancore temples. Srimath Bhagavatha Yajnam has been taking place in the temple for thirty-four years.



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