Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple

One among the Mahakshetras of kerala ,is the oldest historical evidence of the rich heritage of Mavelikara. This is also known as Dakshina Kashi. There are 108 famous Siva temples all over the world. Kandiyoor temple is one among them. Saint Mrikandu, the father and guru of famous Markandeya, got a beautiful idol of Kiratha Moorthy,while taking abath in the holy river ,the Ganges.He heard a divine voice (Assariri),that the idol must be laid in a very holy and suitable place.The saint traveled far andwide and reached Kandiyoor,which he realized as the apt place(Kandathil nallathe Kandayoor). Thus the temple was esatblished. From Kandayoor it became Kandiyoor. This is the legend of the temple.

It is believed that centuries later Parasurama , the avatar of Vishnu, renovated the temple. He gave the tanthrik right to the family of Tharananallur. As per Ilamkulam Kunjan Pillai, the second king of Kulasekhara kingdom,Rajasekhara Varma re-constructed Kandiyoor temple.This proves that the temple existed years before AD 800.Unnuneeli Sandesham describes Kandiyoor temple extensively.This speaks volumes of the importance of the temple, even way back to the 14TH century. The temple complex consists of so many upadeva temples.,including those of Siva at various bhavas. Mahasivaratri is performed in a grand manner. Arattu is held on Thiruvathira of the month of Dhanu after ten days of annual festival.. 36 para nivedyam,Dhara, Mrityunjaya homam and Thulabharam are the important offerings(Vazhipadukal).


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