Mavelikkara is one of the rare places in Kerala where one can find the statue of the Buddha in seated position back to 9thcentury A.D. Now this place is also a worshipping centre.

Historical evidence shows that centuries ago Onattukara area was a flourishing centre of a Buddhist culture and civilization that was destroyed and possibly consciously erased from history after the revival of Hinduism post 8th century A.D. Names of towns and villages in the Onattukara region carry the “palli” suffix, which was common usage in Pali, the language of Theravada
Buddhism. The temple festivals and customs such as the Chettikulanga Kutthiottam and Kettukazhcha are considered to have originated from Buddhist customs and practices. Also large temples, such as the Kandiyoor Mahadevar temple, could possibly have been Buddhist viharas in their initial days. The ancient Buddha statue placed today in Mavelikara town, at Buddha Junction in front of the Krishnaswamy temple, was excavated more by accident in the early 1900s from a paddy field near the Kandiyoor temple. It is possible that a lot more of the vanished Buddhist civilization of Onnattukara still lies buried in history, yet to be unearthed.

This Buddha Image is about 3 feet height including the pedestal upon which it is seated. It has the jvala, usnisha and the upper cloth over the chest to indicate its Buddhist character. The sculpture as exhibited highly skilled crafts – manship in depicting the characteristic ornamentations. The jvala is prominent. The image is in the yogasana posture.It is datable to the 9th century A.D. The image stands protected from 1966 onwards.


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